Case Study 3 - internal and external adaptations

Working for Salford City Council Public Sector on behalf of City West Housing Trust, we were asked to carry out internal and external adaptations to two adjoining semi-detached bungalows in Little Hulton.

Internally, both properties had the old bathrooms replaced with level access showers.

Externally, we created near level, off road car parking facility for each bungalow including surface water drainage to comply with building regulations. The occupier of one of the bungalows is a wheelchair user so we created a ramped access to his property, whereas the other property only required steps to the front access with handrail. 

Whilst we were on site, we received a phone call from a neighbour across the road commenting on how good our people are, how hard they work and what a fantastic job they were doing! We do everything we can to please our customers—pleasing the neighbours as well was a bonus! 


Work progresses outside the bungalows
Finished car parking and access




Bathrooms were provided inside both properties