We are experts in undertaking building projects for Local Authorities, publically funded bodies and construction professionals, and particularly the adaptation of buildings for people with disabilities.

We specialise in undertaking work in buildings owned by local authorities, housing associations, landlords etc. These could be private homes, where we have a long and enviable reputation of making adaptations for disabled people, or they could be large buildings such as schools, libraries, community centres, even office blocks.

We have become experts in working in such buildings as we recognise we effectively have two customers for each job, the owner of the building, such as the local authority or headmaster, and the occupier of the building, a disabled person, for example, or teaching staff, and that each of these has different needs and priorities. We have developed ways of working, systems and processes to ensure that everyone involved in a project is happy every step of the way.


For Building Owners:
We provide a thorough knowledge of the way in which both large and small projects are managed, sound financial control, excellent back office administration, top quality workmanship carried out on time and on budget, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the building occupiers will be well looked after throughout the project. Local Authority Surveyors that have worked with Gibsons know that the project will run smoothly and there will be no complaints!

For Building Occupiers:
We provide a standard of customer care that simply cannot be bettered.  In most cases we are working in a building, often a private residence, that is occupied throughout the duration of our work, often by vulnerable people.  We have trained our staff and developed procedures to make the experience of building work as hassle free as possible and to give residents complete peace of mind.  For example, we provide a schedule before work commences that will show the names of the people that will be working on the property each day and the time they will arrive.  We provide chemical toilets for use if bathrooms are inaccessible and we provide direct access to our management team to all customers, should they have any issues at all that they want to discuss.  Our work sites are always clean and tidy and we are committed to the safety of our staff and our customers.

Ethical Approach
As a family run company we pride ourselves on our ethical approach to all aspects of our work.  We ensure first class customer service, invest in and take care of our workforce and do all we can to minimise our impact on the environment.