The Way We Work

We believe that there are three factors that ensure the success of each and every building project we undertake:
First quality workmanship
We employ only time-served tradesmen and have rigorous quality control procedures in place to ensure the high standards of our work.  We can work from plans and specifications and will follow the agreed schedule.
Excellent project management
We are accustomed to working as part of a team of professionals that might include local authority surveyors, architects, structural engineers, planning officers and, in the case of disabled adaptations, occupational therapists, as well as the owners/occupiers of the building itself.  We are skilled at coordinating the various elements of a project and bringing together the interested parties to ensure smooth and efficient completion of the job.

 Open and honest communication and customer care 
We provide a detailed quotation for each job and draw up a schedule of works, so the client knows exactly what work is to be done, when, and the cost.  It can be the case with building work that, once underway, unforeseen circumstances arise; if this is the case, the schedule is amended and the customer informed every step of the way.  We are completely open and honest with our customers at all times: we won’t make false promises, hide problems or cut corners; we will keep in regular contact with all interested parties throughout the project and inform everyone of the true status of the work.

Whilst every building project is different, we have found that by maintaining our three key factors each runs smoothly and efficiently.