Decorating Services

Often overlooked as part of a building project, the final decoration is, nevertheless, of prime importance to the occupier of a building, be that a home owner or user of a public building as a visitor or employee.

We take such pride and care in all the building work we carry out that we are reluctant to leave until the job is really finished - that is, until all the decorating is done. That's why we employ our own decorators. We really can offer a "start-to-finish" service, and we can ensure that the quality of decoration matches that of all the other work we have done.

Our decorators are also available for stand-alone projects. Any local authority wanting to supplement its own team with a highly skilled decorator, or looking for a decorator to follow their own building or maintenance team, need look no further.

Our decorators are amongst the best in the business and the quality of their work speaks for itself. We are accustomed to working both in private homes on behalf of a local authority, and on a larger scale in public buildings. We pride ourselves on our sensitivity towards the occupiers of the buildings in which we work, making every effort to minimise disruption and make the process as painless as possible. We have a lot of experience working with vulnerable people, including disabled people in their own homes, and local authority surveyers can therefore be assured of our sensitivity in this area.

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