Bathroom Adaptations

We have completed dozens of bathroom adaptations for disabled people with many differing needs.  Whether working with Local Authorities or through private arrangements, we remain sensitive to the needs of the individual and the fact that we are working in their home.

Disabled adaptations can sometimes involve the conversion of existing space and sometimes require additional space, such as a conventional or modular extension.  In either case, we undertake the project from beginning to end, involving the customer every step of the way.  We won’t walk away from the site until everyone is 100% happy with the end result, and that includes all the decorative finishes as much as the structural work itself.

Customers are able to choose from a wide range of decorative finishes and bathroom fittings, providing a room that suits individual tastes and other décor in the home.

We are also happy to take customers to previously completed bathrooms if they wish to see an example of completed work. 

Customer Service is extremely important to us.  Whatever the customer wants, we will do our best to provide it!