We are able to design and install kitchens that meet the specific requirements of people with disabilities.
Kitchens often require a great deal of thought to ensure that they are safe and preserve the independence of the disabled person. We have the necessary experience of working with disabled people and with the suppliers of the many ingenious solutions that enable the best use of the kitchen for the customer, for example:
•    Wheel chair friendly design
•    Height adjustable cupboards, worktops and sinks
•    Pull out baskets, shelves, platforms and drawers
•    Corner carousel and pull & swing units
•    Multi-user development to suit both disabled and ambulant users
•    Side opening ovens and cooling drawers
•    Cooker hobs with front mounted controls
We will design, supply and install a bespoke kitchen that meets the specific needs of the customer. If necessary, we can build an extension or install a modular building to house the new kitchen; we can widen doorways and provide level access as required; we can install all services including gas, electrics and water; and we can complete the project with high quality decorative finishes including tiling, painting etc.
And, as one would expect from Gibsons, this will all be done to the highest standards of workmanship and customer care.
disabled adaptations, kitchens
disabled adaptations, kitchens